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Objectionable contradictions;
a bday brat 
16th-Jun-2009 11:00 pm
二; nice beam radar

happy 26th bday neenorz!
hope he'll always become the little brat within arashi. hope he'll always show the world his mad acting skillz. hope he'll never change his interests, keep playing games and showing off his mad magic skillz yo. hope he'll continue to be a baby face and make everybody 'wtf' when he says he's 26. hope he'll continue to be awesome and tell everybody he's awesome and always make us proud with his awesome.

and a request, pls rebuild game nikki, talk about all the games you've played since you closed game nikki, aaand...make more solo songs like gimmick game in the upcoming album (/because I'm biased), and of course, stay in arashi forever and ever and ever and make it to eternity. Go go go!

/runs and viva!
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