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Objectionable contradictions;
the continuation. 
8th-Feb-2009 05:15 pm
二; nice beam radar
the crackspam of Utaoni iz back! >DD Sorry it's been delayed for a week, blame japan for it. But here, I bring you GIFs from episode 3! Which I think, is the best episode so far, because Kenta actually...smiles *___* yah, and the storyline was really interesting. For those who haven't watch it, WATCH IT NAO. look at my icon! Isn't it hardcore?

so let's go on.

this is just a preview, the rest are 526x295px. :D

the episode starts with a totally hardcore smoking kenta with a...duck. :D

and he's stressed out. But still hardcore anyway because he's smoking at the children's playground. :P

aw, poor thing. D: I love the camera angle, btw, how it took the Tokyo Tower was impressive 8D

!notGIF. Kenta is so stressed out at the park so he decided to go on a walk. And guess what! He has stalkers. With pig-noses and big heads. I bet he's even more stressed now.

he has 18934752679468 stalkers and everytime he sees them he screams and points to them. (the number of stalkers may change depend on how many times you see this GIF)

but in the end he got tired of shouting and pointing he decided to let them stalkers be. He even bought them food! Aww, our oniisan is so kind-hearted.

now let's wait until Kenta finishes his rest and quality time with the kids. But yay, we have Saito-kun!

the way he spazzes is so adorable. <333

oh, wait whut, Kenta finished his nap. And he goes to stage.


but Urara-hime doesn't like the attractive hardcoreness. Instead, she wants him to SUMAIRU.....

like this guy:

MANN THAT'S FIIEERRCEEE. even how many times you look at it, it's always fierce! *____*

end of the day. So Kenta was told to smile fiercely like Saito-kun, but he couldn't. We shouldn't force him either. :P

his face is so attractive. 8O

on the same day, they boradcasted and they had kids on stage. But there was one kid who was an absolute ass.




and then cut cut cut cut conflict spoilers spoilers, watch yourself. It's too touching. ;___;

and I said before that in the end Kenta finally can smile, right.

eeeeee he's so attractive. <33

that's the end. D: Hope you guys enjoyed the crackspam!
oh, and if you're gonna post the GIFs somewhere else pls credit k :D

And yes! Next episode, valentines! Since now I like Akane, I'll be okay. And asddksgjk I somehow like Saito with Urara-hime. I have a weird taste I know. Oh, and if you're wondering where Ouji is, he jumped off a cliff and died. But he did say he'll come back.

8th-Feb-2009 07:37 am (UTC)
WOW his smirk/smile in the last ones pics... I'm drooling over it, can't help it... Btw, your icon is wonderful, really, really hardcore, if you ask me ^__~
I enjoyed your pic spam a lot! ^______^
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