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Objectionable contradictions;
12th-Jul-2029 09:19 pm(no subject)
二; nice beam radar

hiatus; currently not adding
I ain't an arms dealerCollapse )
16th-Jun-2009 11:00 pm - a bday brat
二; nice beam radar

happy 26th bday neenorz!
hope he'll always become the little brat within arashi. hope he'll always show the world his mad acting skillz. hope he'll never change his interests, keep playing games and showing off his mad magic skillz yo. hope he'll continue to be a baby face and make everybody 'wtf' when he says he's 26. hope he'll continue to be awesome and tell everybody he's awesome and always make us proud with his awesome.

and a request, pls rebuild game nikki, talk about all the games you've played since you closed game nikki, aaand...make more solo songs like gimmick game in the upcoming album (/because I'm biased), and of course, stay in arashi forever and ever and ever and make it to eternity. Go go go!

/runs and viva!
2nd-Mar-2009 09:30 pm - the return of.
二; nice beam radar

but first, happy birthday murii! Hope you have a wonderful bday! <3

and I made quite a lot today. This episode's awesome. *__* and I love Manabe in this episode. SHE'S FIEERCEE.

the rest are at 527x294px. WARNING! IMAGE HEAVY

follow the massive angriness of the OniisanCollapse )

oh, if you're gonna use the GIFs, don't forget to credit :D
hope you enjoy the crackspam!
8th-Feb-2009 05:15 pm - the continuation.
二; nice beam radar
the crackspam of Utaoni iz back! >DD Sorry it's been delayed for a week, blame japan for it. But here, I bring you GIFs from episode 3! Which I think, is the best episode so far, because Kenta actually...smiles *___* yah, and the storyline was really interesting. For those who haven't watch it, WATCH IT NAO. look at my icon! Isn't it hardcore?

so let's go on.

this is just a preview, the rest are 526x295px. :D

13 attractively hardcore gifs utc. image-heavyCollapse )

that's the end. D: Hope you guys enjoyed the crackspam!
oh, and if you're gonna post the GIFs somewhere else pls credit k :D

And yes! Next episode, valentines! Since now I like Akane, I'll be okay. And asddksgjk I somehow like Saito with Urara-hime. I have a weird taste I know. Oh, and if you're wondering where Ouji is, he jumped off a cliff and died. But he did say he'll come back.

二; nice beam radar
--um not really. I. JUST. asdjfkdsgjk Folie a Deux is just too awesome, I became a fan of Fall Out Boy. And yay, Season!! I like it, but not diggin it much :P But asjdkjgfk RIIDA'S SOLO IS TOO AWESOME. But that's not really the point of this entry. Guess what guys, ICONS! 8D It's been 12871294589years ages since I last posted them, but now I will. :) Only 15 though

15 arashi icons, plus one random pic that needs no attention.

nomnomnomCollapse )

and btw, do you guys think I should make my own community/journal for graphics? :o
24th-Jan-2009 10:22 pm - to the show who's in da houze.
二; nice beam radar
Happy birthday, Sho!
Wishing the best for you in the coming year! Wishes you the best for your career this year, and hopefully Yatterman can make a huge hit! Hope you could make more and more lyrics and rap for Arashi! Hope you could stay as dorky-as-ever, with those awesome expressions and keep being the scared-cat of arashi! Train out more, and show us more of your fabulous abs. And air-muscles. And body. askdjlkhfdsg Hope you can continue your career as a successful MC, news-caster, and gentleman. Hope you'll help Riida taking care of the kids. And hope you'll stay forever and ever within Arashi. Happy birthday once again, good man Sakurai :DD

oh btw, if you count, there are 27 bricks in the picture(1 is not clear, tho). Guess what, I counted. XD
I rly rly rly rly need to go to sleep right now, and tomorrow I'll probably just bedrest since my condition is getting worse. So don't be hoping for any graphics or gifs DD: plus my parents aren't home for the rest of the week, so I have to take care of myself extra carefully. -__- 
But still, for you healthy guys, have an awesome Sho-day! >DD
18th-Jan-2009 10:17 pm - Uta Oni crackfaces of gifs.
二; nice beam radar
I made a couple, 12 for exact. Why? Because Utaoni has Riida's rare epic expressions and you don't know how much I lulzed. Plus, THEY ARE ATTRACTIVE. *____*
so let's head on.

SEE. I TOLD YOU HE WAS ATTRACTIVE. But there's much more.
delicious crackfaces awaits. :|Collapse )

I'm afraid that's all. Still, hope you enjoyed the crackfaces of Uta no Oniisan~

please credit if posted elsewhere! :D
1st-Jan-2009 09:07 pm - HNY HNY HNY
二; nice beam radar
 It's like almost the end of the first day of 2009 since I've just got home from an exhausting 15-hour trip from Yogya, but

HI 2009!

and bye 2008. I wish this year would be awesome and crackalackin, and I hope there will be much less problems than in 2008. You guys too, hope you have a fantastic 2009! 

24th-Dec-2008 09:21 pm - merry x'mas and happy Aiba-day!
二; nice beam radar

Merry X'mas to all those celebrating! And hope you all have a splendid holiday~ <3

Oh and I bring 15 Aiba icons and 11 regular Arashi icons! :D


hay ho hay ho it's teh aiconsCollapse )
so yes Viva people, Viva!! 8DD
23rd-Dec-2008 09:17 pm - hay hay aibaby.
二; nice beam radar

Happy birthday, dear the precious Masaki Aiba! He's already 26(although looks...still early 20s)!
Never ever change because you are beyond awesome and I know you know it as well. Hopefully the future will be brighter for you, live your life with happiness and joy and LOVE! Your smile is so bright, so never stop smiling, bb. Be with Arashi forever, without you, it totally wouldn't feel the same. BEHYPERALWAYSYAYAYAY. Come up with more and more awe-shum ideas and experiments, MIRROR MAN LIVES FOREVER YO. Act in a drama! You act so well in stageplays, you deserve a drama soon. Your unique voice and overly cute laugh, don't ever change that. Please be featured in more and more model magazine, because YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS. Anyway, never change, always be with arashi, hope your life will be filled with love and joy, once again, Happy Birthday. <3
actually it's 15 minutes early buut, yay Aiba <3 I shall post graphics tomorrow and christmas new years greetings tomorrow or the next day. And for those having a holiday, have a wonderful one! 8D
Viva, luvlies! <33
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